VIE RADIO-Vatican In Exile Radio

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Vatican In Exile Radio is prerecorded with 8 hours of music and programing. This is our first one and we hope to be able to post one for each week. As we go along we desire to get better at it and more professional as we learn the ends and out of putting something like this together. We have some wonderful programing that will educate and inspire you to be a better Catholic. We also have music that varies from Gregorian Chant to Praise.  

September 2017 1st Week

Programing: For September 2017 1st Week

Weekly Scripture Reading

Fulton J Sheen Catechism Lessons

The Family Theater

Father Coughlin

Lives of the Saints

The Rosary (Joyful Mystery)

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Saint Alphonsus Sermon's

Our Glorious Popes

Saint John Vianney Sermon's

Old Testament Dramatized

Saint John Bellarmine Sermons

Ranger Bill

Ave Maria Broadcast

The Godly Home

Life Worth Living

The Catholic Book Shelf

VIE RADIO-Vatican In Exile Radio
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