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June 162013

For men interested in a celibate or married vocation to the priesthood please go to the Online Seminary webpage.

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May 112013

There is nothing more beautiful than to be espoused to the King of Kings. He is rich in divine grace. He is pure from all sin. His beauty is absolutely irresistible. His love is beyond comprehension and satisfaction.

To be a bride of Christ is no small matter. You must be continually watchful over yours senses, your actions, and your intellect. Anything that is contrary to the holy will of God must be consumed in the flames of divine love.

If you are interested in entering the convent email us. And make an appointment to discuss your vocation. (The address will be updated.)

Future List Of Nuns And A Short Biography



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This is our starting monastery. Feel free to make an appointment with us to follow your vocation.

We will support our monastery with the preservation of Catholic books, especially those from the Fathers of the Church, the Saints, and Doctors of the Church.

We have over 1,000 books in reprint. We will also be opening a retail store to help sell these Catholic books.

“If any man will not work, neither let him eat.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

Our current monastery will be small. We will be working through the “growing pains” of having a small space.

Men currently interested in our monastery.

Monk Francis Dominic

I grew up in a Baptist home with a Dad who was an Evangelist. I went to two Bible Colleges and later became an Assistant Pastor. During all those years, I was drawn toward the Catholic Church until I eventually became part of the Novus Ordo, and then later a sedevacantist. Realizing that the Novus Ordo was teaching heresy and the sedevacantist were divided over things that were not even Catholic, I knew there must be the true faith out there somewhere. For Christ said “that the gates of hell would not prevail against it.” (That is the Church). I thank God that we have a pope in Pope Michael I, who can bring us together as one in the true faith and can lead us in truth.



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We will have public Mass & catechism for the faithful here. (Our address will be updated.)

If they are interested in Catholic books, feel free to purchase them from our store. We have over 1,000 books in print. We do not have all books in stock. Go to our publishing website and email us for a custom quote.


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